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Saratoga Dog Walker's Mid-day Pack Walk Program

Tim started the mid-day pack walk program in 2011 to help meet the needs of Saratoga's dogs when they need it most- while their owners are at work! 


With every walk the dogs are recieving exercise, socialization, structure, potty time and affection. By meeting these needs on a daily basis, we start to see more well behaved, healthy, and well rounded dogs!


The program works with the dogs natural instincts to travel in a pack, but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do.


By walking together on a regular basis, we're creating a big family of well-behaved dogs in the local community!



  • Walks take place Monday-Friday between 10:00-3:00

  • Pick-ups start around 9am

  • We use cargo vans outfitted with crates so dogs are separated while transporting *

  • My assistant, Erin, helps with picking up and dropping off the dogs. Tim walks the big dogs and Erin walks the small dogs.

  • Location of the walks depends on which dogs we have on that pack

  • Walks are a minimum of 30 minutes long (Avg. 45 minutes)

  • Walks are loose-leash. If your dogs doesn't already know how to, they will learn :)

  • Walks are structured to challenge the dogs both physically and mentally.. Dogs love this!!

  • Walks include at least two potty breaks- No messes left behind

  • Walks are built on trust, respect, calmness, happiness and love

  • Walks take place year round in rain or snow. If conditions are too bad for packs, we will visit the dogs individually for a potty break.

  • We towel dry any wet pups before dropping them back home

  • We always strive to leave the dogs calm and happy, so when you get home you'll find a well-balanced, exercised and happy pup

  • Dogs are accepted into the program only with a minimum of 2 days/week recurring weekly schedules. This is because I need to ensure that everyone is up to speed on the rules and socialization, and because the goal of the program is to continue expanding their training


*If your dog has issues with riding in cars or being in crates, we will work on that to make it a positive experience for them





       Check out some videos from the pack walk program!



"Exercising a dog's body and mind is the lifeblood to feed his soul"       -Tim Pink

About Your Dog Walker

Tim Pink- Owner/ handler/ Your dog's second best friend














Schenectady Born

Saratogian Since 2009

Schalmont High '03

University of South Florida '08

Dual Business Major- Finance and Marketing

Animal Behavioral College 10/16

Dog Owner Since Day 1

Dog Walker Since 2011



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